Rockefeller Foundation, SEA Change and the Conclave 2013; Development of climate change M&E panel discussions and the SEA Change CoP member meeting

The SEA Change Community of Practice and Rockefeller Foundation are collaboratively developing two panel discussions on monitoring and evaluation of climate change interventions for the upcoming Evaluation Conclave, “Evaluation for Development” taking place on February 26 – March 1 2013 in Kathmandu – Nepal. One of the panels will focus on M&E in a mitigation setting, while the other panel will focus on adaptive capacity, vulnerability, resilience, equality and related monitoring and evaluation, making a link between climate change and (sustainable) development M&E practices. Apart from the two panel discussion on climate change related M&E there will also be a SEA Change member meeting to further develop the future direction of the SEA Change Community of Practice in relation to knowledge generation, including a gap analysis on climate change M&E knowledge. This 2-page info brochure on the event gives more information and we would be interested to hear if you would have any thought-provoking ideas for topics and your experience to be shared on the Climate Change M&E Panel Discussions, or ideas towards the knowledge development strategy for the SEA Change Community of Practice. In collaboration with Rockefeller Foundation we hope to put 22 of the most thought-provoking thinkers from and towards the Asian region together.

Dennis Bours
SEA Change CoP

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